We love puppies and we strongly encourage our clients to bring
their puppy in to the shop as soon as they can.
We cannot stress enough the importance of exposing your puppy
to the grooming experience as early as possible.

To help your dog get used to the grooming routine, be sure to:

>brush and/or comb them regularly.
>massage their feet.
>use an emery board on their nails. This takes off the sharp
points and gets them used to the feeling of filing and trimming.
>use a wet cotton ball to clean the area under the eyes. (If
your dog's breed collects drainage under their eyes.)
>wipe their ears out with a damp cotton ball to get them used to
the ear cleaning experience.

All of these activities should take place starting right when you
bring them home and while they are still curious. Once the
curiosity starts to turn to fear, it will be harder to groom your
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