We arrived at work to find this wonderful email we had to share!

Brutus and Shadow Insisted We Send you both this

Karen and Lynn:

When we arrived at your cottage we were stinky and
Our only wish was to shine like a brand new harley....
Your friendly greeting made us at ease....
Mom and Dad left thinking "this will not be a breeze"....
Without hesitation you took us both in....
Washed & Groomed us until you were out of wind....
Our coats are so smooth and shine in the sun....
Can't wait til we get off leash to go for a run....
(Specifically onto a sandy beach & for a swim in the
"Did I say That Out Loud"
Well, it's getting late and we're so beat....
It's time to get on Mommy's bed and get off our feet....
THANK YOU again, we'll see you in a few weeks....
Until then, remember me by the drool on your cheeks....
Your Hair....Your Walls....Your Floor....
Did I hit the ceiling? Probably should check....
Sorry can't help it, I'm messy as all heck....
Brutus (aka Bubba) Bilodeau
(& Shadow Too)   
Hello Karen & Lynn!

I just wanted to thank you guys again for doing such a great job on
Bocephus! I’ve told everyone I know about what a great job you guys
did! Everyone just loves Bo’s new hair cut!! Thanks again! See you
guys in a few weeks!

-Amie & Bocephus
Andy is beautiful and he still smells good! Please make me another appointment for 4 weeks after his first appointment (6/25) I
like the 11:30 tiime slot.
Thank  you and congratulations. With the quality of work you two do, I have no doubts your business will be a huge success.
Sandy Mike
A customer posted a new review on Kudzu.com

Fantastic! Being new in town, it's hard to know where to take your pet. Trust me, K-9 Cottage is the place.
They are absolutely fantastic! Not only are they extremely polite and accomodating, but they do an
excellent job. My shih-tzu always has many knots in his hair. Our prior groomer would pretty much shave
him bald to get rid of them. I don't know what the girls at K-9 do but he always comes back minus the
knots but with a good amount of hair. I have literally no complaints. Try them once-you'll never take your
dogs anywhere else.
Good Morning Girls!!

Checked in on your website for the
before and after photos of Sophie
(Pom).  O, my what a difference!   I
almost forgot what she looked like
all furry!  She is loving her new
cut!  Much, much cooler!  
Everyone says she looks like a
completely different pooch.  I
thanked Rick C. for the referral
and will continue to bring Sophie
back in the future!!!

Thank you so much!!!

Sharon Smith
Dear Karen & Lynn,   I was checking
out your web site, which by the way I
love, and what a surprise---There I
am in all my glory in Gallery #5---was I
ever surprised, shocked and happy.
I look just fabulous!!!!!!  How can I
ever thank both of you for
everything that you do for me so that
I can look as wonderful as I do.  I will
be coming to you both for my
grooming until and after I have to
apply for Social Security.  Again,
thank you!!!!

Again, I just want you to know that
my mother was so pleased with the
way you took care of Dollie.  I love
the little scarf and you also took the
cutest picture of her.  I hope you &
Lynn are having a good time and
congratulations on your 1 year
anniversary. Hope you have many
more. Laura
Lynn & Karen,
Thank you for doing such a wonderful job with Snickers today!  Being this is our 1st dog and
his 1st haircut/grooming experience, I did not feel comfortable with just any grooming
facility.....  So you came highly recommended and I am so pleased that I chose to bring
Snickers to you!!  He was loved and you did a GREAT job with his cut!
Tammy Plourd
Good morning!  Just wanted to let you know
what an amazing job you girls did on our
dogs.   Reilly & Bran have received a lot of
compliments on their haircuts. We are looking
forward to our next visit.
Thank you and have a nice weekend.  See
you in June.
Deb Tom (Reilly & Brandy's mom)
Karen & Lynn,
Thank you so much for making Zoe Mae's first spa
experience extra special. She looks wonderful and smells
even better. She has a little extra spring in her step.  I think
you created a diva....lol
See you in few weeks , thanks a bunch,
                                                     Peter and Zoe
Thank you ladies for giving me my first Doggie
bath.  Everyone says "I smell so good", yet I
don't understand what all the fuss is about as I
thought smelling like a hound dog was good
enough.  Can't wait to come back again.  Your
new friend "Boomer the Bassett".

Last night started like any other Sunday evening. I was in the computer room watching the
football game and surfing on the internet. Donna and Melissa were in the living room watching
anything but football on the TV! A few minutes earlier I had given both Harley and Cruise a
rawhide chewy. A practice that I have been doing for over 6 years now. They were also in the
living room with Donna and Melissa enjoying the rawhides.

A few minutes later I heard Melissa scream, Dad come quick Cruise has something caught in
his throat and he can't breathe! I ran into the living room and there was Cruise choking unable
to breathe. I immediately attempted to dislodge whatever was caught in his throat by placing
my hand into his mouth, and then by banging on his upper body. That didn't work so I then
attempted to do what I thought would be a heimlich maneuver for a dog by putting pressure
under his ribcage. Nothing was working and Cruise was now spewing out blood and mucus.
The little breathing that he was doing was extremely labored and his ribcage heaved with each
attempt to breathe. Thank god Melissa was able to remember that you were certified in K-9
First Aid and CPR. She immediately called you (THANK GOD YOU WERE HOME) and told you
what was happening. You told Melissa to lift Cruise's back legs off the ground, and apply
pressure to his abdomen just behind his ribs with quick thrusts. We did that and as a result,
Cruise immediately spit out the bloody piece of rawhide that was lodged in his airway. Melissa
checked with the Vet who said that Cruise would jsut be a little soar for a few days, but fine,
and advised us to feed him soft food for a few days.

I am sending you this e-mail not only to thank you, but with the hope that you will post it on
your K-9 Cottage website as one of the first testimonials. Your customers and potential
customers that bring their beloved pets to K-9 Cottage should know that they can rest assured
that not only are they in very caring and loving hands, but they are also in very safe hands. I
also want everyone to know just how dangerous a rawhide chew could be.

Once again that you from the bottom of our hearts!


John, Donna, Melissa, and Meghan Power

P.S. Harley and Cruise thank you also!
We just wanted to thank you for being so good to
our JoJo.  JoJo passed away on Sunday.  As you can
imagine we are heartbroken.  The service and love
you gave to our JoJo was so appreciated as he
wasn't a "people" dog and absolutely loved his
blueberry facials!   He was always well behaved
after his grooming and after a few visits seemed
to be excited about going to the groomers!!  You
were miracle workers during our first visit!!  When
we got JoJo he came from a family who did not
take very good care of his hygiene.  He was a mess!!
When we picked him up we could see his bright lil
eyes and were able to really enjoy cuddling with
him.. We are now healing from the lost of  JoJo.  
We miss his cute lil face and that warm spot at the
end of the bed.  We plan on getting another Shitzu
in the future and will of course spoil him or her with
Blueberry facials.. We wouldn't think of going
anywhere else but K-9 Cottage.
Thanks Again!!
Amber and Tina Carbone
Hi Terri,

Cooper just returned from K-9 Cottage. What a
difference! He was so happy and calm when I
picked him up. He looks great too!

Thanks for the recommendation. I will certainly
pass it along!

Lisa Goldwasser
Hi Karen & Lynn,

Thank You so much for making my grooming experience so wonderful. My mom waited a little
too long for my appointment cuz she thinks I need all my fur for winter to keep me warm but
you girls didn't complain one bit about the extra work & and just took care of me! Plus, I know
Im a little shy but you girls were so patient & nice you made me feel at ease! My Mom was
worried about me cuz it was my very first time there and it usually takes me awhile to get used
to new things but I was fine and I REALLY liked when after I was all done I actually got to be
free-no more cramped crates for me while I wait for her to come back !!!! She was so happy
with my great experience that I got an extra treat when I got home !! The best part is I look soo
handsome & smell soo nice- I bet all girl dogs in my neighborhood will be chasing after me! I
can't wait to become a regular- I bet they get really special treatment !!!  Hope to see ya in 4-6
weeks !!

Sammy S.
Thank you so much for the pics.  She
smells and looks so good!!!!!!!